Betty Carroll works for the post office in eastern Oklahoma, and has to hit over a thousand mailboxes on her route every day.


She has to move quickly to make sure she gets to all of them. But on Monday, she saw that an elderly woman she delivers to hadn't gotten her mail for a few days. Then she noticed that her car windows had been down for a couple days, and her lawn was a little more overgrown than usual.

So Betty knocked on her door and heard the TV blaring. She heard the woman yell, but couldn't tell what she said. It was either "go the heck away" or "get me help right away."

The police called and she asked if they'd do a welfare check. Turns out the woman had fallen, couldn't get up, and had been lying on the floor for several days. Betty probably ended up saving her life.

Betty says she'd actually been trying to find a different job recently, because she has a degree in criminal justice. But she thinks maybe it was a sign she should stay with the post office for now.

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