"Wild Bill" Peiffer has been busy getting some Lynn Allen albums up on the iTunes!  That's great news for those who are too lazy to grab the LP & keep forgetting to pull the CD out to throw in the car.

Now, you can download the latest album, "Streetlight" onto your iPhone! The "Nine" album and "The Horse You Rode In On" are also available.  As well as THE Lynn Allen song, "Last Night", available for download as a single.

We reached out to Mr. Peiffer regarding his plans for adding more of the back catalog:


He said, "I am adding "Petrified', "The Pink Album" and "Live at Beethoveens", then I am done as far as full length albums are concerned. I am going to release singles instead because you can't make any money on an album. I think I can get more excited about working on just one song knowing that i don't have to get this one done so I can work [another song]."

This reporter would also like to see Billy Peiffer & Iowa albums be added to the online catalog.  hint hint.


Click here to check out the iTunes Lynn Allen library!