Louis CK has made a great place for himself.  He has carved out a niche in comedy, where he's one of the most sought after personalities, yet would rather have creative control rather than the money.

So, he does the FX show, Louie...when he feels like it.  He produces tv shows (Baskets)...when the mood strikes him.

Then he puts out all of his comedy specials on his website for a very fair price.  $5 for an hour of comedy is incredible!  Super smart too! If he would link up with a big company, there's no way he'd get $5 per download.  He'd luck out at $1-$2.

So, he might not have the big promotional push a major release has...it has integrity.

and dirty words.  lots of dirty words.

Here's the new release from Louis CK called Horace & Pete.  For five bucks!