Sofia Lorena, a single mom in Wareham, Massachusetts won $200 on a scratch-off lottery ticket this past Saturday. On her drive home, she saw a homeless guy begging for change.

The temperature was below zero that night, so she picked him up and bought him coffee. He was so grateful he started crying. Then she called around to a bunch of homeless shelters in the area, but they were all full. So she took the $200 she'd just won, and put him up in a motel for three nights.

She also got a few people to donate warm clothes, a local barber went to his room to give him a haircut and one kid even showed up with a handmade Valentine card. The guy's name is Glenn Williams, and he's been homeless for three years.

Tonight i won $200 on a scratch ticket..i was so excited until i looked up and met Glenn. He was holding a homeless sign...

Posted by Sofia Lorena on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sofia started a page on and has already raised nearly fifteen grand.

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