This happens a lot this time of year, little kids think they see Santa walking down the street, and get all excited. Then you have to explain it's not him, it's just some old dude with a beard.

Last month, a little kid started freaking out when he thought he saw Santa walk into a Tim Hortons near Toronto. But it was just a guy with a white beard in a blue jacket.

However, when the kid went up to him, the guy went into Santa Mode. He gave the kid a red pen that said "Santa Claus", told him to use it to write him a letter, and said he should be nice to his mom.

Then he said he had to get back to the North Pole to make more toys. We don't know the guy's name, because he asked the local news to only refer to him as "Santa". But he's 80 years old, and says he's been doing it for years.

My faith in humanity has been restored on a Monday morning. Walked into Tim Hortons in Fergus Ontario and this little...

Posted by Mark Hurson on Monday, November 16, 2015

Apparently a kid thought he was Santa a while back because of his beard. And actually, he usually doesn't have a beard. Now he grows it back every year for Christmas, and says he bought a ton of Santa pens so he could always have some on him around the holidays. He told the local news he does it to encourage other people to be more generous and give back.