Today is the anniversary of Jerry Garcia's last concert, Soldier Field in Chicago back in 1995.  I can always say I saw Jerry's last show, but this date has been bittersweet ever since. Going to the show was a lucky break, I had just moved back to the Quad Cities amidst a very difficult time in my life.  But thanks to my good friend Ray Sherman (remember the "Legendary Ray Sherman"?) I was introduced to one of the sweetest persons I've ever known, "Scooby", and she accompanied my to that concert.  We were both really excited to be there, great seats near the stage and all, but when the band started it was evident that Jerry was struggling.  He went off stage early in the show, some reports said he got a B-12 injection and something for his sore throat, and he did return for the rest of the show.  The Dead did a double-encore that night which was unusual for them at the time, we felt very fortunate to see that, but later in the week we heard Jerry had become very sick.  He died a month or so later and never did another show after Chicago.  So while I ended up with a dear friend, I remember the sadness of seeing Jerry Garcia for the last time... bittersweet.  If you recall , The Dead lent Pearl Jam some of their stage set-up for their Soldier Field show a few days later.

So on this date, Grateful Dead fans, "Dead Heads", and dear friends who helped me through dark days ... I salute you!