Back in '92, this is the day that the album "Nebraska" from Bruce Springsteen was released.  Many have claimed that this was one of, if not THEE best Springsteen album ever.  It was actually a bunch of song demos, recorded on a small 4-track machine, that were supposed to be re-done by the entire E-Street band.  After they did all that, Bruce and the producers decided the demos sounded better, so they scrapped the E-Street sessions and released the demo songs as  "Nebraska".

I know I'm gonna piss-off some Springsteen fans, but who really thinks that was some of his best work?  Really??   There were a couple of songs that I thought were "ok" like Johnny 99 or Open All Night, even the title track about the serial killer and his girlfriend...but overall that album was about as exciting as driving across the state of Nebraska.

But for you die-hard Bruce fans, pull this one out and give it a listen today in honor of its 23rd birthday.  I suggest doing that right before bed though.