If you were a concert goer back in 1969-1971 then you knew of Alvin Lee and knew he was like lightning on the guitar.  If you missed that window, then you may know nothing about Alvin Lee, who sadly passed two years ago today from complications after what he hoped was to be an easy surgery.

He had an irregular heartbeat all his life, and while heart surgery of any kind is not without risk, this one was supposed to be "routine".  He was 68.

At age 16, Alvin Lee formed the band that would eventually become Ten Years After and after seven or eight years of trial-and-error, they finally broke through.  His performance at Woodstock was legendary, and the album A Space in Time was a classic.  There were a lot of great guitarists in England at the time so Alvin Lee didn't get much attention.  But if you saw him in his prime, you never forgot it.  Let's remember him today on the 5:00 Punch Out.