Sometimes fate has to step in and remind us to live life, and not just wander through it.

Such is the case for Jewel Strite from Oregon, who is not taking the hint fate is gently offering about her choice of wine.


The Magnum of Barefoot Chardonnay she purchased from her Albertsons store fell through the bag and on to her foot, causing something called an "Incomplete fracture of her foot" according to her lawsuit (more on that in a minute.) The Magnum is a wino's delight, with 1.5 liters of juice, but weighs about 6lbs so you gotta be careful in transit.

Case in point, Jewel caught the falling bottle on her foot--causing that incomplete fracture, cuts, bruises, ligament damage, muscles torn, and let's not forget the multiple spinal surgeries necessary to fix these problems, and the cherry on top?  Shoulder injury due to the use of the crutch while she recovered from the initial injury.

So what does she need from Albertsons?  In her lawsuit, about $8 million and change should do. What Albersons SHOULD giver her?  A better, smaller bottle of wine to reduce the chance that your $10 wine budget will injure you.

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