Lewis Shaw of England was renovating an old house recently, and found a letter to Santa that's over 60 years old. It was stuck in the chimney. Maybe the kid wanted Santa to find it there?

The house is from the thirties, so the note is kind of old school. Especially when you compare it to the crap kids want today.

The kid's name was David, and the main thing he wanted was something called a Rupert Annual. It's a book of comic strips featuring a British character called Rupert Bear. Here's the whole note:

"Dear Father Christmas, please can you send me a Rupert Annual, a drum box of chalks, soldiers and Indians, slippers, a silk tie, a pencil box, and any little toys you have to spare. Love, David."


Lewis liked it so much, he posted it on Facebook with a message. "Reading this has made me realize how ungrateful we are these days... Kids today wouldn't ask for things like that. They would ask for an Xbox, PlayStation, or those Segway things."

Pulled a chimney down this morning from a 1930s semi in Caversham, found this Christmas list from a kid called David....

Posted by Lewis Shaw on Monday, December 7, 2015

After the note went viral, the neighbors who used to live next door saw it, tracked down David, and are helping Lewis and David meet up.

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