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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver came down hard on Clippers Owner Donald Sterling, issuing a lifetime ban, and a $2.5 Million fine.  Watching this horrible story unfold, I can't help but wonder if there wasn't a solution that might help Sterling become less of an offensive person.  I understand that his racist comments violate rules of the NBA, and punishments and fines must be levied.

But a lifetime ban?  From a league that until last season was so anti-gay that no homosexual player was comfortable admitting it in that atmosphere?  From a league where players listed with Domestic Assault charges or Weapons violations can also be on the League's All-Star team in the same season?

I feel like the league had an opportunity to be, as Silver mentioned, a leading example of tolerance amongst professional sports by censuring Sterling until a battery of psychological treatment and testing had been completed, and then making a final determination.  All that happens when you cast out the Wicked Witch, is they go somewhere else to be wicked.