Initially, Julien’s Live opened the bidding of Kurt Cobain's sweater at $20,000 and estimated that the piece of clothing would sell for somewhere between $40,000 and $60,000. Obviously, that goal was blown out of the water.

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

The cardigan had a burn hole and discoloration near the left pocket. There was also one button absent from the item as well, but for fans of Cobain, the acrylic, mohair and Lycra sweater was worth the $137,500.

Spin reports that the lock of Cobain’s hair that was initially mentioned to be part of Julien’s Live auction was pulled from bidding. A rep for Julien’s Live stated to Spin about the controversial item, “Lock of hair was pulled from the auction and therefore not sold.” The lock of hair was initially given to a doll maker / artist by Courtney Love, who had commissioned a Cobain doll for her daughter. After creating the doll, there was a lock of hair left over.

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