I just read that Kiss took the stage and played a live show for the first time ever on this date in 1973, and thus their careers were born!  The colossal event took place in Queens, NY  at a place called The Popcorn Club and there were a grand total of 10 people who were there for the show.  Apparently most of their family members also had other plans that night.

Fast forward 1 year, and I went to the very first concert of my life...KISS at Delta College gymnasium near Bay City, Michigan.  The gym had bleachers on both sides but no "upper level" and limited seats on the floor in front of the stage.  So I estimate the attendance to have been 1000.  But, they "ROCKED  and I was hooked !!   Over the course of the year between concert "Number One" and the Delta College concert, the band figured it out and learned how to put on a memorable show.  To this day, it's still one of my favorites!  Kiss fans ... today I salute you and I'm glad to have another excuse today to play Kiss on the 5:00 Punch-Out !

Wait .... Is that Ace ?