Well, that may not be true. In fact other than a few songs my daughter likes, I never really gave her a second thought. Then Alyssa started working on the show, and goes on and ON about how awesome she is, and how she has these die-hard fans who dress up and go to her shows. Glitter, make-up, the whole thing.

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In fact, you can't get Alyssa to shut up about her. So I looked at some YouTube videos. Sure enough--there's a revolution I'm gladly missing out on. These freaks are dedicated to say the least--fanatic at most. The most faithful call themselves "Animals." What does this have to do with you? There is a closeted Ke$ha Maniac somewhere in your circle of friends. It's like a cult.

Alyssa, even though she's the biggest Ke$ha fan ever, has never seen her live in concert. That's about to change...for her and you!

Saturday, July 30th, Ke$ha is coming to the Dubuque County Fair. Alyssa is beyond stoked, and as such we are putting together a busload of faithful "Animals" who want to ride along to see this insanity for themselves. Not our typical thing, right? But the fact remains that our newest helper on the show is beside herself with excitement, so in that spirit, we are giving away passage on our Animal road trip, with Alyssa, to the show. Winning begins Monday. Someone you know wants aboard.