A sluggish report for my Throwback Thursday...

When young Billy Michaels and I began our skyrocketing career to the top of the radio game, we did many goofy things with listeners.  Hence-- the quality idea you see before you.  This young genius wanted some kind of valuable tickets we had (Maybe a Sam Kinison or Judy Tenuta....y'know...BIGGIES)  So we asked if anyone would be interested in streaking to the Madison Theatre for these babies.  ONE guy...This guy had the combination of guts, stupidity and unemployment...The true hero here was Michaels, who ran right along side with a small transmitter.  Oh, the whipped cream?   No idea.

The third picture is our foray into sitting in cold hot tubs in the mall...I would love to tell you we made tons of money for charity...but that would be a lie.  A truth would be that the Peoria Rivermen Cheerleaders who later joined us had more facial hair and bruises than we did.

(Dwyer / Townsquare Media)