Now that the Mississippi Valley Fair has gone, and we've all had a few days to get over the week's performances, I just wanna offer one thing...Don't let what you saw Thursday night ruin the memory of one of the all-time classic southern rock bands.

I have read a couple reviews from last week, seen a lot of responses and comments, and the majority of what I've been reading is highly negative.  Now I'll admit that the last time I saw MTB myself, I thought it was time for Doug Gray to step down, but I didn't let it tarnish a sterling reputation and several decades of great memories.  I just kinda felt band for them and figured they'd fix their problems.

The Marshall Tucker Band has been performing for 45 or more years and over that time they have done more shows that were truly "amazing" than bands like Van Halen or even Led Zeppelin!  I use them as examples because both were better in the studio than on a stage.  I also remember a few of the MTB tours where the ticket prices were low enough for anybody to afford them, and a return of half the gate receipts to local charities.

So before you do any more "slamming" of this classic American band, remember how much respect they deserve and be kind, ok ?  It will serve you better, and allow more enjoyment of the next time you hear MTB on the "Punch-Out" or one of the other 97X shows.