It's a cliché to say that marriage is a jail sentence, and your wife is the warden. But we've never seen someone take that idea this literally.

Josten Bundy was in court in Smith County, Texas last month, facing charges for fighting his girlfriend's ex. He says the guy was saying disrespectful things, so he punched him in the jaw.

The judge gave him probation, with a catch. He told Josten that if his girlfriend was worth fighting for, she was worth marrying and that if they didn't get married within 30 days, Josten would get two weeks in jail.

That's not actually legal for a judge to do, and if Josten had appealed, it definitely would've gotten struck down. But he wasn't about to take that chance. So he proposed, and 18 days later, he and his girlfriend Elizabeth got married.

They say they'd always planned on getting married, so they're not upset about it, they just wish they'd gotten to do it more on their terms. Elizabeth says, "I would've liked a spring wedding." And Josten says if they'd had more time to plan, "I would've worn a black tux with some yellow under it because I'm a Steelers fan."