Lukas Yla is a marketing professional from Lithuanian who recently found himself in San Francisco with no job. But he found a creative way to get his foot in the door without the use of a portfolio.

He posed as a delivery guy for logistics company Postmates and made his way around town dropping off boxes of free donuts from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Along with the pastries, Lukas also included notes in the boxes that had a message to the CEOs with a URL to his LinkedIn page.

Lukas has made deliveries to over forty different tech companies in the Bay Area to date. His efforts haven't been wasted, he's landed ten interviews but no job just yet.

He says the whole thing isn't just a stunt, "It was a precisely crafted idea that went through multiple iterations until it finally reached you. I did SWOT analysis by observing the competitive landscape, the main pain points of my target audience, and the message I wanted to deliver. Once I launched the campaign, I performed A/B tests on companies of different sizes, different target audiences and with variations on the copy. I used a special URL to measure the offline outcomes and act on them to maximize ROI of the campaign."

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