Jimmy Buffett's fans are known as Parrotheads and now, they're also becoming known for bringing their own homemade toilets to his shows, and then leaving the nasty buckets behind.

(Getty Images)

The "Sun Chronicle" reports that there were makeshift toilets everywhere after a recent Jimmy Buffett show. The local police said, "They're known as a party crowd, and I guess they don't want to wait in line [for the bathroom]."

So, how many people are we talking about? According to the report, 75 to 100 tailgaters had to be told to shut down the homemade toilets in their tents and seven to 10 of these filthy things were left on the grounds after the show.

Many of the toilets are just a five-gallon bucket, with a foam pool noodle around the rim to create a seat. Others are a wooden box with a bucket inside, and a toilet seat attached to the top.

Officials say this does occasionally happen with fans of other acts, but Parrotheads are the, "one primary offender." As ridiculous as all this sounds, abandoning toilets like this is a health issue and authorities say they're going to be cracking down on people who have them.

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