A burlesque dancer from Seattle named Maggie McMuffin was flying home from Boston a few weeks ago, but JetBlue told her she couldn't get on the plane, because her shorts were too short.

That's her stage name, by the way. Her parents aren't, like, John and Susie McMuffin.

She took a picture of the shorts, and they are pretty short, but you've probably seen worse. The matching thigh-high socks probably didn't help.

Maggie McMuffin

She bought new shorts at the airport for $22, and then they let her fly. A JetBlue spokesman defended their decision when the story came out. "We support our crew members’ discretion to make these difficult decisions, they determined the burlesque shorts may offend other families on the flight."

Maggie says that since the story started spreading, JetBlue reached out to apologize and gave her a $200 travel voucher plus $22 for the shorts. Clearly she's outraged and totally not spreading her story for publicity.

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