Jared Fogle is a miserable excuse for a human being, somehow he's managed to sink even lower.

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He's reportedly filed a lawsuit against the parents of one of his victims arguing that he shouldn't be responsible for her pain and suffering, because they'd already screwed her up.

The girl's age and identity have not been released, but she was a minor when Jared's business partner secretly filmed her nude and gave the videos to Jared. She filed a claim against Jared earlier this year, saying it messed her up so badly that she was abusing drugs and alcohol, having sex with random people, and was suicidal.

Jared says her parents' divorce is what really messed her up, because she had to watch them drink, argue, and get into physical fights with each other. They also neglected her. He's arguing that she was suffering from emotional distress, anxiety, and major depression before she knew about the videos. He also says he already paid her $100,000 as part of his plea deal.

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