Unfortunately, the grief of losing a loved one can cause people to lash out at family, and in this case, it gets really ugly.

Funerals Are The Time For Illinois Families To Grieve

It is so sad to lose a loved one. Everyone grieves in their own way. A funeral is a special way for families and friends to be there for each other while mourning. Unfortunately, some people just can't get along with their relatives. At times like this, there tend to be disagreements between members. In some cases, it could get violent.

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Recently, at a funeral in Illinois, the family couldn't get along for the sake of the sad moment. The celebration of the life lost was ruined when things got ugly between the attendees. It actually turned into a very scary situation.

Violence At Illinois Funeral

Fight And Gunfire Breaks Out At Illinois Family Funeral

The frightening situation happened at a church in Urbana. A brawl started between family members inside during the ceremony. It eventually moved outside the building. One of the fighters pulled out a gun and began shooting.

According to foxillinois.com, 

Luckily, no one was hit with the bullets. A nearby house ended up being struck several times. Everyone was gone for the day so they weren't injured. A witness called the police but the suspect took off before the officers arrived. The crime is being investigated.

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