We have been throwing people off calling them they've won tickets to Taylor Swift in Chicago. A woman in Illinois got a call letting her know that she is our latest winner and she was shaking with excitement.

Kayle Kettering of Milan is our latest winner of a pair of tickets off of B100's Swiftie Stack. Kayle was sitting at home with her family who got to also hear the exciting news that she is going to see Taylor Swift this weekend for free.

Kayle Kettering
Kayle Kettering

Congrats to Kayle of Milan on winning tickets to see Taylor Swift at Soldier Field in Chicago from B100!

Iowa Woman Gets Surprised With Taylor Swift Tickets

On Wednesday, I had the honor of calling another winner of Taylor Swift tickets. Taylor is bringing her Eras Tour to Soldier Field in Chicago for three nights, June 2-4. Our next winner of a pair of tickets off of our Swiftie Stack was Kayle Kettering of Milan, IL.

When I called, Kayle was sitting at home with her daughter Kennedy and her husband Dalton. Kayle seemed a little thrown off when I called and was in disbelief that she was finding out that she won tickets to Taylor Swift.

Kayle said she's either bringing her best friend or "dragging" her husband Dalton to the show. Dalton doesn't sound like he would mind seeing Taylor Swift and we don't blame him!

Here is the phone call to Kayle letting her know she won tickets to Taylor Swift from B100:

Our other congrats so far go out to Jessica Eggers of Clinton and Avree Wright of Davenport on also winning tickets to Taylor Swift off of our Swiftie Stack.

Luckily for you, we still have more tickets to hand out!

You Could Get A Phone Call Just Like That

We still have more tickets for you to pull off of our Swiftie Stack. Listen every weekday at 9 a.m., 1 p.m., and 5 p.m. to enter on the B100 app.

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