If you thought a random habit you have has no consequences, that might not be the case.

Health studies come out all the time and half of the time, they're kinda scary. This one is perfect though if you need your kid to stop picking their nose.

A lot of us have tried to limit touching our faces (especially our noses) ever since the COVID pandemic but sometimes your nose just itches and what are you supposed to do?

A new study shows that you definitely shouldn't pick it.

What Picking Your Nose Can Cause


The study found that picking your nose could 'partially' cause dementia.

If you're like 'wait how does that even work?', stay with me for a minute.

There's a protein called beta-amyloid, which is thought to be the cause of Alzheimer's disease. It may be produced in your brain as a defense mechanism to pathogens that get in your nasal passages specifically (a.k.a. shoving dirty fingers up your nose).

So the more random dirty stuff you shove up your nose, the study says the brain could produce more beta-amyloid, which is the protein that causes Alzheimer's.

The study doesn't say picking your nose all the time will definitely get you the disease but it could put you at an increased risk of getting it. Which is scary to think about.

Scientists urge you to quit picking your nose, despite the "temporary relief" you might get from it. It's a gross habit (that's can be hard to break) but if you need a good reason to quit, just think of this possibility.

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