When driving during the warm summer, people in Wisconsin like to drive barefoot. Especially when it's warm, most people wear shoes that are easy to kick off. Driving barefoot can be very dangerous but is it illegal?

Wisconsin's motor laws make it hard to give us an answer. I like to drive home barefoot, especially when I'm wearing sandals and leaving a pool or the beach. When I do I always wonder if that could get me in big trouble in the states I'm driving in, including Wisconsin.

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The answer to the question might surprise you but it is for sure really dangerous to not have protective footwear while driving your car.

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Driving And Shoes Go Foot-in-Foot

Sandals and other shoes that are easy to slip off make it very tempting to drive with the little piggies out. You need to wear shoes and it could be very dangerous if you don't wear them, especially while driving in Wisconsin.

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BankRate.com lists many reasons why you should wear shoes while driving in the Badger State.

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  • Driving without shoes could be distracting if you step on something sharp or stub your toes
  • You can’t apply the same amount of force when you brake or accelerate.
  • Bare feet can slide off the pedals more easily, especially if your feet are wet from a pool or the beach.

Driving Barefoot Is My Favorite

It may be more comfortable, but it's not the safest. If you like driving barefoot because it makes you think you're a better driver, I bet you're really good at texting and driving, right?

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Let's say you are a really good barefoot driver. What happens when you get into an accident? Or, your shoes try to betray you and slip under the brake pedal? Here are a few more good points as to why you should wear shoes while driving:

  • You'll be that person stinking up the car with your dirty feet.
  • If you leave the shoes near your feet as the driver, the shoes could get stuck under the brake pedal which could be very dangerous, if not deadly.
  • If you get into an accident, you could severely hurt your feet from broken glass.

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Is It Illegal To Drive Barefoot In Wisconsin?

If none of this convinces you to wear shoes while driving, then I should just give you the answer you want to hear.

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No Wisconsin law prohibits you from driving barefoot. According to SuperLawyers.com, it is legal to drive barefoot in Wisconsin. But remember, it is unsafe.

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