There's a postal language you probably didn't know exists.

In the dating and relationship world we look for all kinds of clues to see how actually ~into us~ a partner is. It's a game we've all played and it leads to all levels of delusional.

Writing letters isn't nearly as common as it should be but if you do get a card from someone, you might be throwing away a clue.

Take a look at the stamp. We almost never do. How is it positioned? Unless the sender is directionally challenged, it could mean something.

There's A Whole Language Behind Where You Put A Stamp

We know the "language of flowers": yellow roses mean friendship, red roses mean love, etc. There's the same thing with postage. Philatelic Database has the translations.


An upside-down stamp is something that you would put on a letter to someone overseas in the military. An old-school Easter egg.

It matters what corner you put the upside-down stamp in. If it's in the left corner, it means "I love you". If it's upside-down in the right corner, it means "Write no more". If it's upside-down in line with the surname, it means "I am engaged".

Those are three really different meanings. And you can't just put the stamp on normally, since straight in the top right corner means "Goodbye sweetheart". Whoops.

Philatelic Database
Philatelic Database

This is way more fun than seeing if a person you're into watched your Insta story or liked something you posted. It makes you wonder if the person you're interested in would be sharp enough to catch it.

Nowadays, the USPS does want you to put the stamp in the top right corner but technically you can put it anywhere on the front of the letter or card. The folks at the sorting center may not enjoy it.

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