Treating the U.S. Flag correctly is a pretty big deal to me. It's the beginning and the end of patriotism in my opinion. And also respect.

My biggest pet peeve is an Olympian wearing one around them after an event. My thought is, "The only person who should wear a Flag is the soldier who died defending it." And certainly not somebody who just ran faster.

I get routinely hammered for my 'Over the top' treatment of the Flag as it corresponds to the Flag Code. I just refuse to cut corners and allow it to be mistreated. I get a lot of "There's more important stuff to worry about..." or, "Hey I'm a Veteran and I think it's ok..." like being a Veteran makes it okay to pick and choose the statutes to abide by. The point to me is, if you can't even care about how the flag that represents us is taken care of (when it's spelled out pretty clearly) then we've already lost the more important stuff.

Anyway-- Check out this video: From yesterday's Bears Game, the Army Golden Knights Precision Jump Team brings the Flag into Soldier Field, and not one but TWO servicemen run to protect the Stars and Stripes from touching the ground. If it's important enough for them...