A new survey found one in four garages in this country are so full of junk, a car won't fit inside. We're basically a country full of hoarders and the epidemic is way worse than you think.

(Dwyer / Townsquare Media)

A new survey found one in four garages in this country are so jammed full of crap, a car won't fit inside. The survey also found 27% of people use their garage for hobbies, 23% use it to work on cars, 19% do carpentry in there, and 13% use it as an exercise area.

One in four people are also embarrassed about how the inside of their garage looks, about one in three people keep the door permanently shut, so other people can't see the mess inside.

Here are some tips on battling the clutter:

Have a Game Plan

The garage can be many different things to different homeowners, but the bottom line is to determine what the garage needs to be used for.

Take Pride in the Garage

An ideal garage organization system grows with homeowners as they grow, while providing functional, flexible storage options for a number of different products.

Eliminate the Waste

Clutter is one of the biggest issues with garage organization.

Maximize the Space

Three out of four homeowners surveyed said they wish their garage was better organized. One way is to have a garage storage solution that takes advantage of the wall space that garages provide.