Memorial Day is not only a great time to reflect on those who served our great country, but also the perfect time to celebrate those freedoms with friends & family.  It's the official kick off to summer/aka: drinking season.

If you've ever looked around at a party, you've noticed people holding a beer in one hand and their phone in the other.  Big Beer has noticed this too and would like to capitalize on it.  Many brands are focusing on social media marketing in different ways.  Adding #ItsMillerTime to your twitter pic might get you favorited or retweeted by Miller...which, I guess is a thing that people care about.

Here's the run down of Twitter friendly beers, if that is your thing.

1 MillerLite 84.5
2 StellaArtois 82.5
3 BudLight 81
4 CoorsLight 73
4 Budweiser 73
6 Heineken 72.8
7 LabattUSA 72.6
8 PabstBlueRibbon 62.5
9 SamuelAdamsBeer 61.9
10 CoronaExtraUSA 45.4