Today in 2000, was the day that a little-known, very personable, funny, and talented musician Cub Koda died.  Most people barely ever heard of Brownsville Station let alone of Cub, and there's a whole generation that never knew "Smokin' in the Boys Room" until Motley Crue covered it in the mid-80's.  Cub was from Michigan, formed his band in Michigan, and played EVERYWHERE in Michigan...and they were great!  He had Chuck berry-like moves, Greg Kihn's personality, and Rick Derringer's relentless hands/fingers ... and to Michiganians, he was like everybody's cool older brother, bailing out desperate high school dances, outdoor festivals, and major acts that suddenly needed an opening act.  There was always one thing you could count on living up there...if your event needed a band and nobody had schedule availability, you could call Brownsville Station's management and somehow, Cub would get there for you!  He was one of my favorite musicians and favorite PEOPLE, and it was nothing but a damn shame to lose him at age 51 to kidney failure.  Brownsville Station fans, Cub Koda fans, wherever you are ... today I salute you!