This is a pretty judgmental study to whip out one week before Thanksgiving. The real estate blog Estately ranked all 50 states by how miserable it is to spend Thanksgiving there.

They used six criteria:

The likeliness of food poisoning, based on salmonella cases
The likeliness of relatives getting drunk and making a scene, based on binge drinking rates
The likeliness of your favorite NFL team losing on Thanksgiving
The likeliness of getting into political arguments, based on how even the split between Republicans and Democrats is
Dietary restrictions based on rates of diabetes and vegetarians
The likeliness of people leaving to shop, based on Facebook data

    The Top 10 Most Miserable:

  1. Ohio
  2. Iowa
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Arizona
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Nebraska
  7. Alaska
  8. Maine
  9. Virginia
  10. Missouri
    The 10 Least Miserable:

  1. Hawaii
  2. New Mexico
  3. Arkansas
  4. Utah
  5. New Jersey
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Connecticut
  8. Idaho
  9. Wyoming
  10. Nevada.

Check out the full 50 at the Estately Blog.