Ross McDonald was pulled over by Iowa City police after driving the wrong direction on a one way. According to police, McDonald was “extremely confused” and could not tell officers "what bar he was coming from."

(Iowa City Police Department)

McDonald, who at the time of arrest was only wearing a trench coat and fake penis, claimed to have only had two drinks that night. His bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, unsteady balance, and BAC of .165 said otherwise.

Upon arrival at the police precinct, McDonald “attempted to eat toilet paper, thinking it would mess with” the Breathalyzer. McDonald had initially refused the breath test, but “changed his mind after attempting to eat the toilet paper.”

Despite McDonald’s cunning plan, his blood alcohol content was measured at .165, twice the legal limit.

Since McDonald has prior drunk driving convictions, he was hit with a felony charge carrying a maximum five-year prison sentence. Seen in the above mug shot, McDonald was released from jail yesterday afternoon after posting $5000 bond.

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