Travis Tarrants was not hired to be a fourth grade teacher and basketball coach at an Orange County, Indiana school and he didn't take it too well.

According to authorities, the 40-year-old began stalking and harassing a couple. That couple happened to be the man who was hired and his fiance.

Tarrants allegedly tried to mail dead animals to the victims, including four skunks and a raccoon. Local post offices were able to intercept the packages, some were addressed from the man's fiance with the message, “Resign! It will not stop.”

Multiple letters were also sent that claim the man had a sexual relationship with an underage student. The man and his fiance also received voicemails that threatened to kill the faince and her baby.

To top it off, Tarrants is accused of spray-painting threatening messages on their vehicles. He is facing two charges of stalking, two charges of intimidation, and two charges of criminal mischief, all felonies.

Jackson County Sheriff's Department

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