A 24-year-old man from New Windsor found himself in custody after Bettendorf Police accused him of writing a bad check for the purchase of a Ford F-150 Raptor. Curtis Fussell now faces a felony charge of first-degree theft, according to records from Scott County Court.


New Windsor Man Arrested for Allegedly Writing Bad Check for Ford F-150 Raptor

The incident dates back to October 6, 2020, when Bettendorf Police responded to a report of theft at Lindquist Ford, located at 3850 Middle Road. Following an investigation, law enforcement concluded that Fussell was allegedly involved in the offense, as outlined in affidavits submitted by officers.

According to police affidavits, Fussell purportedly wrote a check amounting to $56,795.36 to acquire a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor, despite knowing that the check would not clear. Despite initial doubts about the funds' availability, Fussell allegedly took possession of the vehicle.

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The Checks's Rejection

The check-in question was drawn from an active checking account registered under Fussell's name, which he had opened just weeks prior on August 25, 2020. However, police assert that the account never held more than sixty-nine cents since its establishment.

Following the check's rejection during processing, attempts by the dealership to contact Fussell for payment reportedly proved futile. Subsequently, Fussell was apprehended on a warrant and is currently held in Scott County Jail on a bond totaling $25,000.

Fussell's preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 17 in Scott County Court, where further legal proceedings regarding the case will take place.

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