Silly me.  In my lifetime, phones became wireless, communication became instant, fax technology was invented and has since become obsolete, cooking went from hours to minutes, space travel a commuter run.  And computing from industrial to personal to micro and nano. So pardon me if I have become jaded to the idea that anything new could really be thrust on me with any surprise.

Well, this week alone I've learned that two thresholds I previously considered uncross-able have been breached.  The personal Jet Pack Demonstration this week at a tech show displayed 20 seconds of pure freedom, and showed the promise of a future in personal travel I'd saved for sic-fi movies only.  And this, I think, is an advance in technology that is so far ahead that it really is is it's own category.  A battery that will revolutionize the vehicle industry in it's effort to find an alternative to petroleum power.

Watch this video and marvel that there are still people inventing and discovering amazing things--a new hope?