After a recent road trip to the Gulf Coast I was able to spend about 15 to 16 hours in my mind. Well I wasn't exactly alone with my thoughts, the family was in the car too. We were able to have several stimulating conversations, for example, "are we there yet?" (That question was asked jokingly even before we left the Quad Cities!)

While on a road trip one of my favorite activities is to scan the radio dial in every town. I like to listen to a station's song selections, their talented DJ's and sometimes the commercials too! (That will certainly drive a wife crazy!)

Another favorite road trip activity is making constant restroom stops, even if it's thirty minutes after we've refueled. (But I didn't have to go number 2 then!)

Road trips may not be an ideal way to travel there will be arguments, but it's inexpensive and we're building family memories, right?

When I'm about to come to a boiling point I reach for my earbuds and go to my happy place. (Come to think of it aren't iPad's, DVD's, and earbuds just road trip pacifiers?) It was at this point that I realized my love for listening to full albums. (Does anyone do this anymore?)

Road trips and full albums are the perfect combination! I even took this one step further. I would choose an artists and play their studio recording in chronological order! When you're rocking out this hard, It's almost like I've discovered time travel!

Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, ZZ Top these are all great artists that I've listened to from their first release to their last, but on this trip I chose to dive into these: Foo Fighters, Queens of The Stone Age, and I was working through Tool's library when my trip ended.

This topic has me curious, do you enjoy full albums and what is the last one you've listened to?