3 years ago today, Styx filed a lawsuit in California against their record label  A&M Records, alleging they have been cheated out of royalty payments.  The primary focus here is on digital downloading and even ringtones.  Styx is not the first band to contend this and they won't be the last.  This fight is getting more and more attention, it even became a presentation on this year's Grammy Awards.

If Styx is successful in exposing the "phony criteria" put in place by their record company (and several others) while nobody was looking, then courts are gonna be jammed up for years by other similar suits.  So be it.  I hope they win and I hope they are properly awarded the money that is due to them.  So does this mean Dennis DeYoung will sue the band again, this time for more than

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

his share?  Ugh ...