Late night tonight with the kids at their choral concert.  It was gratifying watching them perform together in the same choir, since when they are at home it's usually just the song called, "Shut up and get out of my room!"

As much as I love watching them, somehow dinner got skipped in the mix, and I found myself really thinking about the chocolate pie we picked up from Village Inn over the weekend.  With each song, the pie became a bigger distraction, until by the last song I swear i could actually smell it!

My plan was simple, come home, grab a fork and get to shoveling.  Well, when I got here, it seems someone else had the same pie idea yesterday.  So there is half a pie.  The rest of the plate was filling fast with my tears.  The pie was delicious (well, the HALF-pie).

As I finished the last morsel, it occurred to me that I wouldn't have been able to finish the whole thing, like in years past, in one sitting.  In fact I was relieved that it was only half a pie.  But boy the days of my amateur status as a competitive eater seem like only yesterday.  My personal bests sit like faded trophies in the glass case of my mind.  16 White Castles (Seemed more like 20, but some of those boxes were fries), 22 Tacos from Taco Trio in Normal Il., 10 McDonalds Hamburgers, 40 McNuggets etc.

Just like the former football star, I think it's best to just have the memories rather than try to slip on the old cleats again.  But the old taco joint is gone, and so is the plaque with my picture.  I feel like a new food accomplishment is on the horizon...