In Bill's blog last week, some poor advice was dished out about how to merge in construction. Many fancy graphs and videos were shown. A peaceful, effective merging thanks to science.  To that I politely reply, "Bullsh*t."

Google Maps

What the "Zipper" merge fails to recognize is the human condition and the real world experience of angry drivers.  The only real way to merge and keep any kind of appointment on the other side of the construction zone is to get the heck over to the open lane at the time you see the sign telling you to do so.  This prevents that race to the very last merging opportunity, and allows for incoming traffic to get up to speed and slide in.

Now, this will only work if people keep the distance between themselves and the other cars reasonable.  Too close and there's no room for slowing without braking.  But that's human nature isn't it.

I'm ready for hover cars.