A 42-year-old guy in China got into a fight with his wife recently, when she wouldn't let him watch what he wanted on TV. Then around midnight, she told him to stop playing video games and come to bed.

When she wouldn't stop nagging him, he put a pair of tweezers in his mouth, and threatened to swallow them. And when she wouldn't back down, he did it. Which didn't really help his cause, because she just started nagging him to go to the hospital.

He finally did the next day, where doctors also found three lighters in his stomach. It turns out he swallowed them two years ago, after he got angry and had a few drinks. It's not clear if he'd been fighting with his wife that time too, but he said swallowing them made him feel better, and then he forgot about it.


His doctor says he's lucky the tweezers didn't puncture one of his organs, and the corrosion on the lighters could have burned through his stomach.

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