Jamie "Canhead" Keeton discovered 20 years ago that he has a mysterious medical condition that causes his skin to act like the suction cups on an octopus' tentacles.

"I had shaved my head for the first time," he explained. "It was a hot day, and I was trying to cool my head down by holding a soda pop to it. But then the team hit a home run and I let go of my soda to try and grab the ball, but I missed. Then I was like, 'Where's my drink?'

"It turned out, it was stuck to the back of my head horizontally and the drink was pouring out. Everyone was laughing," he remembered.

Canhead has since turned his ability into a full time job. Companies pay him to advertise their names or businesses on his shirts or cans. He also emcees events, concerts, sporting events and parties.

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