It's safe to assume that pretty much all of the games you'll see on the midway at a carnival or fair are rigged against you. Carnies have to make a living after all.

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  1. Milk Can. To win this classic you have to throw a softball into a 10-gallon metal milk can. Aim for the back of the rim, grip the ball on top and throw underhand with backspin, throw softly with a slight arc.
  2. Rope Ladder. This, like most games, looks deceivingly simple. To climb the ladder make your center of gravity as wide as you can, counterbalance movement on your right side by moving your left side too, lean forward as you climb, and keep your knees and feet pointed out.
  3. High Striker. You can look like a strongman by being accurate. Swing the mallet like you're splitting wood and aim for the center of the pad. Make sure that the mallet's face hits squarely on the pad.
  4. Shoot the Star. Given that the BB gun you'll be using has seen years of wear and tear, check how it fires and adjust your aim accordingly. Instead of trying to shoot the star out, shoot a circle around it.
  5. Flukey Ball. Make sure that you use the same ball that the carnie demonstrates with, they usually have a heavier ball. Just graze the board with the ball while hitting it high or low, not in the middle. Using some front spin will give your ball a better chance of going in the basket.

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