I was surfing the interwebs this morning and  I saw a very interesting article about ways to stop procrastinating. There were nine ways I believe. And I thought to myself "I really am going to learn a lot from this article." So I'm posting it here so that I remember to read it. I just got a wrapped up in this Reddit article.

But then I should probably go get a cup of coffee. And after that I'm probably going to read it. Unless I stumble across something interesting on Facebook. Although, that never happens.
But one of my friends just emailed me, so I should return that and he's asking me about an upcoming get together near Peoria. I wonder if there's anything to do in Peoria? I'll just Google that real quick, jump on trip advisor and see if there's any good hotel rooms near a water park or something.
Did you hear that story about the aerosol sunscreen being bad for your kids? I read that somewhere...let me Google that real quick.  Here it is... I'll need to forward that to my wife. She's at work right now but when she goes to the grocery store tonight she should probably get the old-school lotion sunscreen. And some beer. We're out of beer.  Speaking of which, the weekend is coming up we might need some more Jack Daniels and some Pepsi. I'll put that on the list as well
Anyway what were we talking about?  Oh yeah.  Facebook.  There's nothing really interesting on Facebook anymore.