Nowadays kids only get like two hours for Halloween trick-or-treating in some cities, others give three. So why are you wasting their time?


Please look at the list below, if you give out any of these items instead of candy: STOP! Just stop.

Hand out candy, not:

  1. Stickers
  2. Temporary Tattoos
  3. Pretzels
  4. Small rubber balls. Good luck explaining to the parents why you choked their kid to death with a candy-looking but non-digestable throat closer.
  5. Fruit Snacks
  6. Fruit. Only if you want it all over your windows by the time the streetlights turn off the next morning.
  7. Homemade slime. Now their parents will want you dead.
  8. Pla-doh. The only thing actually worse for your carpet than candy.
  9. Plastic Vampire teeth and Spider rings. Here you go Cinderella, let the blood-sucking commence, just like in the fairy tale.
  10. Glow Sticks. Yep, your 10 year-old will love then when she goes to Burning Man with the 20 year-old neighbor in his rusty pickup truck.