My wife's cousin is clearly a genius.  He came up with his own "homemade McRib" for when it's out of season but you just HAVE to have one!

There will be many detractors, saying it's like keeping your Christmas lights year round. When it's Christmas tree TIME it's not special because you had it up in May.

Well guess what, "detractors"??  It's Christmas tree time, baby!  And I'll eat one whenever the hell I want!!

(the analogy kind of fell apart at the end, but you know what I'm saying)

Here is a step by step guide (with pics) on how you can make your very own McRib preceded by a poem written by cousin Steve....

Poem by McSteve

When at least 10 or more times a day, your mind wanders back to the month of May. While you’re sitting at your crib and the McRib from McDonald's wets your appetite but sadly deep down inside one must face the reality that the McRib is only as seasonal item and you think to yourself this ain't very legit!

So after months and months of waiting and longing for the day when it will be back again…hopefully forever to stay, an idea pops in your mind out of nowhere on how one can make themselves a homemade McRib!

So please follow the step by step pictures in the designated order that I posted here with a short word description on each picture on how to replicate the famous and very tasty (DUN DUN DUN) McDonald"s McRib!


Steve lives in Tennessee, where they have to wait until mid November for their McRib's. Good news for us Quad Citizens, I just called a local McD's and it looks like this Thursday or Friday for us!!