Cheaters gonna cheat, and it seems like a lot more of them exist than we probably want to acknowledge. If you aren't caught up to speed on this latest internet scandal, the short and sweet version is that, a dating site specifically made for married people who want to have an affair, was attacked by hackers in July. The hackers then released the user information of more than 30 million customers. As fearful people across the world sifted through the information to see if it included their spouses, some eventually stumbled over some big names. Reality stars, prominent politicians, and major league athletes are just a few scrambling to deal with their exposure. The most controversial name thus far discovered is none other than celebrity Josh Duggar of the TLC "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar family.

So when any story like this blows up, it's easy to look at it from afar and think about how awful it must be for those other people. However, and new website has been created that analyzes the data of the hack, and it reminds us that we've got some real weirdos right here in the Quad Cities. We were curious, so we crunched the numbers for the QCA using this website to compare. You never know, the results may surprise you.

Number of users per city:

Bettendorf: 1,745

Davenport: 8,637

Moline: 2,733

East Moline: 835

Rock Island: 1,857

Total, that's enough people to fill the iWireless Center, the Adler Theatre, and Modern Woodmen Park to capacity and still have some left over. The numbers at face value immediately make you think Davenport is full of cheaters running rampant, but when you consider the differences in population per city, it looks a little different.

Percentage of city population on Ashley Madison:

Bettendorf: 5.03%

Davenport: 8.45%

Moline: 6.34%

East Moline: 3.91%

Rock Island: 4.78%

Okay, so Davenport still cheats more than any of the other cities. But those percentages are still easier to swallow than the bulk number of users. We also found the numbers for users based on sex, and we did find something interesting there.

Percentage of users who are male:

Bettendorf: 87%

Davenport: 86%

Moline: 85%

East Moline: 81%

Rock Island: 86%

According to these percentages, East Moline may have the fewest users but the highest percentage of female users. That took an unexpected turn.

Now we're not trying to make anyone paranoid. Though Ashley Madison is particularly gross because people have to pay subscription fees for the intent to cheat on their spouses and probably the other parent of their children, Ashely Madison is hardly the only dating site available for such a purpose. After all, it's a crazy world we live in and people get themselves into questionable situations all the time. We couldn't resist checking out the data for the Quad Cities because it's like a car wreck: it's awful and we know it, but we couldn't look away. But what you do with this information is up to you, dear reader. Tread lightly and stay awesome.