This here's a story of the f-150 in the driveway that's getting a ticket every day it parks there from, not the cops, but the homeowners association. As far as I can tell, someone has a bee in their bonnet about this guy, since his truck is clearly within the boundaries of "passenger, not work-related vehicles" that are allowed. These are always fun discussions on our show, since Michaels is the member in good standing of his homeowners association, and I think they are slightly less restrictive than the rules Hitler had for Jews.

Everyone thinks these are a great idea at first. But it's only a matter of time until your kids' car leaks too much oil on the street, or your "Spring has Sprung" flag drapes over the easement. I love hearing the association crazies defend these edicts as if they are the original colonists fighting the tyranny of Britan. Something like, "How would YOU like and upside-down dingy in your next door neighbors' yard?" Like that argument would make anyone see the light of signing your individual rights away to a panel of ninnies whom you pay to fine you. Wha?

But HOA's are mostly made up of adults who as kids were probably picked on, and now have the power to make rules with the authority of a HOA to enforce them. So they take full advantage, with fine notices in hand, measuring blades of grass, stepping off garbage can distances from property lines, and keeping the ugly "solicitors" away from the block.

See the story of Floridian George Andres. His legal battle was epic, over a flagole in his yard. Not an oil well, nor a giant, loud, exhaust-belching diesel generator--a freaking flagpole, to put his american flag upon. A FLAG HE DEFENDED WHILE IN THE MARINE CORPS. The guy lost lawsuit after lawsuit to these idiots he lived amongst, until they finally put a lien on his house. at one point, the HOA president was quoted as being talked to rudely by Andres, which is also against HOA rules.

George's case became the eventual inspiration for a flag-flying protection law (the lien on his house had already been enforced) and then-Gov. Bush handed George a Capitol-flown flag and $100 for his expenses. The law allows for the flying of the american flag (as long as it doesn't conflict with HOA rules....thanks a LOT!)

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