There's a homeless guy in Houston named Thomas Smith, who recently got a nice break. An old friend said he could stay at her house for a while.

They didn't release her name, but she's 66, she's lived there for 40 years, and she's clearly very generous. But Thomas has already paid her back big time.

Late Thursday night, he was woken up by a loud noise. He thought the house was being robbed, but it was actually on fire, and filling with smoke. So he ran to his friend's bedroom, and found the ceiling had collapsed, and trapped her.

It turns out there was an electrical fire in the attic, and the whole house was about to go up. So Thomas cleared the sheet rock off his friend, and got her out of there. Then he rescued her eight- and ten-year-old granddaughters from another bedroom, where they were still sleeping and led all three of them through the smoke and out of the house.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire, and there was extensive damage to the house. But Thomas and his friend's family are fine. Obviously it could have been so much worse if they hadn't welcomed him in.

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