The high school I graduated from used to be known for it's MASSIVE bonfire. Sadly, the tradition ended several years ago.

The school is in an area surrounded by lakes. Boating is a way of life, and that's what the bonfire was built out of: old useless wooden boats. The seniors would spend an entire day stacking huge boats that were collected from nearby marinas and beaches.

Heavy equipment would be used to lift and stack all the boats. The pile would easily reach 30 feet. And on the top of the pile of wood... it was ALWAYS topped with an old outhouse. I was told the outhouse tradition was just for good luck.

The fire was so big, our fire department would bring their equipment on site to keep the fire under control and also use it as sort a training exercise. The snorkel trucks had to be positioned in a spot where they could spray water to keep the flames from leaping across the road (which was closed during the bonfire!) Other departments would help "cover" for our community in the event a fire broke out somewhere else in town.

It took place on a Friday night and I can remember my dad driving us by it on Sunday morning after church to see how much of the pile was left and still burning.

The tradition came to an end when the school sold a small portion of the land where the fire took place. A fast food joint was built on that corner and the fire marshal determined that it wouldn't be safe having a fire near the restaurant.

I can't find any pictures on-line but this is similar to my recollection:

So, where in the area is there still an EPIC high school homecoming bonfire? Send us photos if you have any: