Two high school football players, Max Sergio and George Lampros, were hanging out before a game on Tuesday in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

They found a cat outside that was stuck in a sewage drain. It was hanging onto something by its claws, so it hadn't fallen the whole way down. But it was exhausted, and looked like it was about to fall.

The players ran into Max's garage, grabbed a five-gallon bucket, and tied a rope to it. Then they pried the drain open with a crowbar, used a shovel to coax the cat into the bucket, and saved its life.

After that, they went to the game like it was no big deal. But the local fire chief showed up before it started, and thanked them. They were expected to lose, but they ended up winning 22 to 21.

Their coach gave them both game balls for being the, "Most Valuable People" on the team.

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